Thursday, September 17, 2020

Welcome to My Ideas

the world runs on them, some folks make millions on them, and many spend their lives wishing for Just One Good Idea.
What ever group you find your self, this page can help.

I haven't the time or inclination to deal with what has been for most of my life a steady flow of ideas.
Most I don't bother to even write down any more, but on this blog I've decided, when I get time, to start tossing out the ones I manage to think about for more than a few minutes. Hopefully some one out there with a lot more energy might have a use for one or more, and may even profit from them.

If any of these musings happen to work for you, don't forget who to give some of the credit.
And if you happen to make a few bucks, well, I'm never opposed to cashing royalty checks.